Before beginning these steps ensure that your setup meets this criteria:

  • VEX AI License Key is plugged in the Jetson.
  • VEX AI Intel Camera is plugged in the Jetson.
  • VEX AI FLIR Camera is plugged in the Jetson.
  • SD card is inserted in the Jetson.
  • Jetson was rebooted after plugging in all devices (if the Jetson was turned on during devices being plugged in).
  • Your VEX AI System is up to date.

Once the FLIR Camera has been connected to the Jetson and powered on, it now needs to be focused. Focusing the FLIR Camera is important to ensure that it sees the Code Strip on the field. This is used to determine the orientation of the robot while on the field. If the FLIR Camera is out of focus, the reported orientation of the robot may not be accurate.

Connecting to the VEX AI Wifi


To begin, on your computer, open the WIFI settings and select ‘VEX_AI.’


A password will be required.


The password is ‘vexrobotics.’

Accessing the FLIR Camera Dashboard


Once connected, open your preferred internet browser and go to the url

Note: The FLIR Camera Dashboard is only meant for diagnostic purposes, and may degrade performance if running. Please make sure that the VEX AI Intel Camera Dashboard is not running alongside the FLIR Camera Dashboard. And finally, to prevent performance issues, close out of the FLIR Camera Dashboard once steps are completed.


Notice that the camera may be reporting out of focus.


Loosen the small screw on the barrel of the lens mount of the FLIR Camera. This screw is used to keep the focus in place even during movement or vibration.


Screw the FLIR lens in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction until the image in the camera view window is focused. This is recommended to be done on the AI Challenge Field to ensure accuracy.


Once the FLIR Camera is focused, tighten the small screw on the barrel of the lens mount. Ensure to not tighten the screw too tight, as this could strip some of the screw.

Once the FLIR Camera is focused and the screw on the barrel of the lens mount is tightened, the FLIR Camera Dashboard will need to be closed to restore normal performance.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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