Saving a VEXcode V5 Blocks Project on an iPad

When working in VEXcode V5, it is important to understand how to save a project on an iPad.

Using ‘Save’

You can save your project in VEXcode V5 in different ways:


Selecting ‘Save’ in the File menu.


Downloading a new project.


Naming a new project by selecting the project name window.


Choose one of the ways above to save a new project, then your iPads save screen will appear. Select ‘Create Document.’

Note: you can change the save location of your project by selecting the back button at the top of the screen.


Use the keypad to name your new project.


Select "OK" after naming the project.


The updated project name will be visible in the project name window.


Once a project is saved, VEXcode V5 will automatically save all changes in a project.


Note: Whenever there is an unsaved project, VEXcode V5 will prompt users to save their work if the user attempts to:

  • Close VEXcode V5
  • Create a new project
  • Open another project

Using ‘Save As’


You can also use the ‘Save As’ option from the File menu to make a copy of a project under a different name or in a different location.

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