Understanding the Parts of the AI System

The following list contains the parts of the AI System and an explanation of their purpose. There are enough parts in the AI System for two V5 Robots.

image (13).png

  • 2x V5 Robot Radios: for communication with other robots as well as connecting to VEX Link to view the Dashboard.

  • 2x NVIDIA Jetson Nano: used to operate the cameras and AI software.

  • 2x Micro SD Card with VEX AI Software: to be placed inside of the Jetson to ensure the AI hardware works with the AI software.

  • 2x Cable for Jetson Nano to V5 Brain: to connect the Jetson to the V5 Brain.

  • 2x VEX 3-Wire Connector to Barrel Plug Cable: to power the Jetson via the V5 Brain.

  • 6x USB A to Micro Cables 18-inch: to connect the V5 Brain to the Jetson. Note that only one cable will be used per V5 Robot. The remaining 4 cables will be replacements if needed.

  • 2x Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi for Jetson Nano: to connect the WI-FI Antennas to the Jetson.

  • 4x Wi-Fi Antennas: to be connected on the Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi for Jetson Nano.

  • 2x Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano: to ensure the Jetson does not overheat.

  • 2x Intel D435 RealSense Depth Camera: to read the color and distance of objects on the field.

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