Assembling the AI Challenge Field

Assembling the VEX AI Challenge Field is an extension to the VRC Change Up Field and game pieces.


The following article will cover:

  • Materials Needed
  • Steps for Assembly

Materials Needed

The following materials are needed in order to assemble the AI Challenge Field:

  • VRC Change Up - Full Field & Game Element Kit
  • Opaque plastic field wall coverings (included in VEX AI Kit)
  • VAIC GPS Field Code Strips (included in VEX AI Kit)
  • 8 pieces of adhesive Velcro (included in the VEX AI Kit)
  • Non-gloss tape
  • Box cutter or scissors

Steps for Assembly

Start by ensuring that all glare has been removed on your polycarbonate side panels. If you have NOT removed the white film that came with the competition field polycarbonate, then you can skip steps 1-3 (Applying Opaque Plastic Field Wall Coverings) and proceed to step 4 (Inserting Panels). If your polycarbonate does not have the provided film, then you will need to apply opaque plastic field wall coverings or other non-reflective material to one side on each polycarbonate panel by following steps 1-3.

Applying Opaque Plastic Field Wall Coverings

  1. It is recommended to spray an application fluid to the polycarbonate before sticking the opaque plastic to it.
  2. After the opaque plastic has been laid out, push the bubbles out using a plastic card.
  3. Trim off any remaining opaque plastic on the edges of the polycarbonate.

Inserting Panels

  1. Insert your polycarbonate panels into each Competition Field Wall with the paper/film facing in towards the game elements.
  2. Take the adhesive Velcro and cut a 40” strip and a 19” strip. Place the loop side of the Velcro on the back of the VAIC GPS Field Code Strips. Ensure you place the Velcro along the top edge of the strip.
    Note: the Start strip and the Side strip Velcro locations are mirrored.
  3. To identify the top side of the VAIC GPS Field Code Strips, there will be arrows along the strip pointing towards the top.
  4. Place the hook side of the Velcro on the top of the wall.
  5. Take the VAIC GPS Field Code Strip that says ‘North Start.’
  6. Apply it to the left side of the panel looking at it as if you were in the middle of the field.
  7. Place the VAIC GPS Field Code Strip that says ‘North Side’ to the right of the north panel.
  8. Ensure the VAIC GPS Field Code Strip is flush with the top of the wall.
  9. Where the two strips meet in the middle, place a piece of your non-gloss tape to ensure that there is no gap.
  10. Repeat these steps for the rest of the VAIC GPS Field Code Strips.
  11. Ensure that the VAIC GPS Field Code Strips are velcroed flat on the wall to avoid waves in the VAIC GPS Field Code Strip.