Configuring a VEX GO Code Base

When starting to create a project in VEXcode GO, blocks from the Drivetrain and Sensing categories will not appear in the Toolbox until a Code Base has been configured.

You can only configure one build per project.

Adding a Code Base

Devices Button

To configure a Code Base, select the Devices button to open the Devices window.


Select ‘Add a device.’


Select ‘CODE BASE.’


Once the Code Base is selected, a list of ports will appear. Check that all assigned ports match your finished build.


Select ‘DONE’ to complete the configuration or ‘CANCEL’ to return to the Devices menu.

Note: Selecting 'Cancel' will close the Code Base Configuration and take you back to the Devices window with no devices configured.


Now that the Code Base has been configured, blocks from the Drivetrain and Sensing categories appear in the Toolbox.

Deleting a Code Base


A Code Base can also be deleted by selecting the ‘DELETE’ option at the bottom of the screen.

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