Using the Share and Feedback Buttons in VEXcode IQ

Users can easily share the content of their Blocks project in VEXcode IQ by using the Share button. Users can also easily provide feedback to VEX to help with the program’s continual improvement by using the Feedback button.

Note: The Share feature is currently unavailable for Android devices. 

What is the Share button


The ‘Share’ button allows users to create a .pdf document of their Blocks project to be shared. The new document can be shared with a teacher via email/Classroom Management System, a fellow student, or printed for an Engineering Notebook.

How to use the Share button


Once you are at the point where you would like to share your Blocks project, select the ‘Share’ button.


This will download a .pdf document of your project on your device. You can access the .pdf document from your download location and it can be easily shared to many places.

What is the Feedback button


The Feedback button provides a quick and easy way to provide feedback to VEX. This feedback will provide valuable information such as requesting a new feature, discussing something that is not working, and it can provide valuable diagnostics about your issue.

How to use the Feedback button


If at any time you want to provide feedback to VEX, select the Feedback button.


This will open up the feedback window which has a number of options.


You can rate your experience as positive or not positive.


If positive is selected, the smile face will highlight.


If the not positive is selected, the frown face will highlight.


There is a text window to enter the feedback you would like to provide for VEX.


There is a check box option to include your email for a response.


There is a checkbox which allows you to provide VEX with more technical information from your project. If reporting an issue, it is important to include diagnostic data to help identify the problem.


For anyone interested in the Privacy Policy, select the link within the window.


This link will bring you to the most current Privacy Policy.


Once you have provided your feedback select the ‘Send’ button.


This will provide you with a message that your feedback was sent. Select the ‘Close’ button to return to your project.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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