Ordering via Purchase Order

Purchase Orders* are one of many ways to place an order with VEX Robotics. For a full list please visit the Contact Us Page.

Below is an example of an acceptable PO. Please feel free to download this example as a reference. Any POs with incorrect or incomplete information will not be accepted until revisions are made. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact VEX Customer Service at sales@vex.com or 903-453-0802.

*Acceptance of any Purchase Order is at the sole discretion of VEX Robotics.

Where to send your PO and Payment

EMAIL Address for your PO: sales@vex.com

MAILING Address for Your PO: VEX Robotics, Inc, 6725 W FM 1570, Greenville, TX 75402

REMIT TO Address for Your Payment: VEX Robotics Inc, Dept 140, P O Box 650444, Dallas, TX 75265


The following are required on ALL Purchase Orders:

  1. Purchase Order Number

    All orders must have a PO number clearly referenced. Please note that “Requisition Numbers” will not be accepted.

  2. Vendor and Remit To Information

    The correct Vendor or Remit To information must be on the PO. Missing or incomplete vendor and remittance information, will need to be revised before acceptance.

    VEX Robotics, Inc
    6725 W FM 1570
    Greenville, TX 75402
    Remit To
    VEX Robotics, Inc
    Dept 140
    P O Box 650444
    Dallas, TX 75265
  3. Billing Information

    Billing information must be included on your PO. Be sure to include an address, email, and phone number that can be reached for any billing inquiries.

  4. Shipping Information

    A Shipping Address is required, even if the shipping will be the same as the billing address. Please be sure to include any additional information such as Attn:, Gate Numbers, Delivery Location, etc.

  5. Delivery Date

    VEX Robotics ships out all orders as soon as all in stock products are available. This means your order will generally ship out within 24 business hours of being processed. If someone will not be available for the delivery or another ship/delivery date is requested, please contact us prior to placing your order and include the Delivery Date on your order.

  6. Payment Terms

    All Purchase Orders received will be subject to NET 30 Terms by default. If you have been pre-approved for different payment terms, they must be included with each PO submitted. For more information, or to request different payment terms, please contact sales@vex.com.

  7. Itemized List of Parts

    Each Line Item should include a Part Number, Quantity, and Price per Unit. If parts are not listed, then a Quote Number should be clearly referenced in the body of the PO. Quotes can be generated directly from our website. If you need to Generate a Quote, please visit our How to Order page.

  8. Financial Shipping Responsibilities

    Shipping and Handling charges and terms must be added to the PO. Please note that Shipping and Handling is taxable. If you have a shipping account you would like us to charge, please contact Customer Service and include the information on your PO.

  9. Grand Total

    A total that includes item totals, shipping, and tax will need to be added to your PO. We charge for Shipping and Handling, therefore tax will also be added to freight charges. If you are exempt, please visit the How to Apply for Exemption Page.

  10. Authorized Signature

    A signature is required on all official documents of a PO.

  11. Approval
    We may require a credit application which will be subject to the approval of VEX Robotics.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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