Building with VEX V5 - Get Started with VEX V5

The VEX V5 robotics system is designed to provide a wealth of building possibilities for the VEX V5 Robot. The VEX V5 elements are versatile and offer endless design possibilities for novice and experienced builders alike.

Building with V5

The following article provides links to other articles that will help you get started building with VEX V5. These articles will show you how to identify parts and plan for building with VEX V5 Kits.

The chassis is the structural component for the robot which contains the drivetrain and allows the robot to be mobile by using wheels, tank treads, or another method. A chassis is sometimes referred to as the robot’s frame. Read this article to learn more about factors to consider when deciding on a type of VEX V5 Robot assembly for competition or the classroom.

Mechanisms are systems of parts working together in a machine to accomplish a task. The following articles provide information and ideas for designing a variety of mechanisms for the VEX V5 Robot. 

These articles give detailed information on VEX V5 structural parts and provide guidance on how to choose the correct parts for a build.

A drivetrain allows a robot to be mobile by using wheels, tank treads, or another method. This article addresses things to consider when choosing a drivetrain for the VEX V5 Robot.