Hybrid Teaching Lesson Plans and Pacing Guide


COVID Connection: Both physical and virtual robots offer great opportunities for teaching and learning about Computer Science, coding, and robotics concepts. But the COVID pandemic has disrupted these usual routines. In situations like this, it helps to have a road map to identify how you can adjust. These lesson plans were designed with exactly that in mind. 

VEX Solution: The Sample Hybrid Lesson Plan and Template was designed to offer an idea of how teachers can plan and use VEX V5 or VEX IQ + VEXcode VR in parallel in a hybrid classroom. Each Lesson Plan pairs a VEX V5 or VEX IQ STEM Lab with analogous VR activities, to teach the same overall concepts and objectives. The Teaching Guide helps teachers gain insight into how to get started, monitor progress, and wrap up class, while students are working on different platforms, by highlighting crossover facilitation strategies and questions that will keep students engaged with each other, as well as with the class material. An editable template is also provided for teacher use.

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