Sample Teaching Lesson Plans and Pacing Guide


COVID Connection: If COVID related requirements make the use of physical robots impossible, virtual robots offer great opportunities for teaching and learning about Computer Science, coding, and robotics concepts. In this situation, teachers may have to adapt their curriculum to use with a virtual robot. These lesson plans were designed to show you how that can be done. 

VEX Solution: The Sample Lesson Plan and Template was designed to offer an idea of how teachers can plan and use VEXcode VR on its own in any learning environment. The Lesson Plan uses one VEXcode VR activity as its base, and builds a complete lesson around it, with a Teaching Guide to help teachers gain insight into how to get started, monitor progress, and wrap up a class within a VEXcode VR curriculum. An editable template is also provided for teacher use. The CS Fundamentals tab in the 1:1 VEX Pacing Guides illustrates how the Units of the CS Fundamentals course align with VEXcode VR activities. This is helpful when looking for differentiation opportunities for your students.

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