Connecting the V5 Brain to a Computer via USB

In order to program the V5 Brain, a successful connection needs to be established between the V5 Brain and a device via a Micro-USB cable.

Gathering the Components


Gather the Required Components

  • A working Micro-USB cable
  • V5 Brain
  • V5 Battery
  • V5 Battery Cable
  • Windows, Mac, or Chromebook Computer

Connecting Components


Connect the V5 Battery to the V5 Brain

Connect the V5 Brain to the V5 Battery using the battery cable. Ensure the connection is secure.

Connect the Micro-USB cable to the V5 Brain


Connect the V5 Brain to a device using the Micro-USB cable.

Make sure the V5 Brain is connected to a charged V5 Battery and turned on.

Connect the Micro-USB Cable to a Device


Connect the other end of the Micro-USB cable to the Computer’s USB port.

Confirm a successful connection

brain green confirm

A successful connection is confirmed when the Brain Status Icon in the Toolbar is green.

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