Understanding V5 Wireless Connectivity


The V5 Robot Radio and V5 Controller use our next generation VEXnet 3 protocol. This is based on the success of VEXnet 2 and adds additional features and faster download channels. VEXnet supports 500 simultaneous robot channels, even when operating in a confined space. The radio provides the responsive, low latency control that drivers expect, while also allowing fast program downloads and robot feedback.

Texas Instruments Simple Link

Both V5 radios also support Bluetooth 4.2, thanks to the Texas Instruments CC2640 Bluetooth Smart Wireless MCU. With this, tablets will be able to download programs to the Robot Brain. This also allows connectivity to multiple devices at once. Future updates will add Robot-to-Robot communications. VEXnet 3 and Bluetooth can be used for driving, downloading, and debugging. Controllers can be tethered together for dual driver support.

Two new practice mode features make practicing for matches and Skills Challenges easy. The Controller does all the timing and mode control for you. Choose the Single Player option to run a timed match on your own, with an on screen clock and automatic switching of Enable-Disable and Autonomous-Driver Control. Users no longer need to have a competition switch and a stopwatch.

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