Understanding V5 Vision Sensor Performance

The Vision Sensor provides a robot with new capabilities and allows for expanded learning. At its most basic mode, the sensor tells you where a colored object is located. The location's X value gives you the right and left position. When the camera is tilted down, the Y value gives you the distance to the object, with a little basic trigonometry on your part.

Vision Sensor

The Vision Sensor combines a dual ARM Cortex M4+M0 processor, color camera, WiFi, and USB into a single smart sensor. The sensor can be trained to locate objects by color. Every 200 milliseconds, the camera provides a list of the object found matching up to eight unique colors. The object’s height, width, and location is provided. Multi-colored objects can also be programmed, allowing color codes to provide new information to the robot. Color-codes can represent anything you want, including location, object type, street signs, movement instructions, robot identifiers, etc.

sample image
Sample image location, six colors

direct connection

The Vision Sensor has USB for a fast, direct connection to your computer. This allows you to view images and machine vision results simultaneously.

Wifi Symbol

The Vision Sensor also has WiFi Direct and acts like a web server. This allows you to wirelessly view “live” video from any computer equipped with a browser and WiFi.

vexiq logo

The Vision Sensor added so much to the capabilities of V5 robots, we also added a VEX IQ compatible port to share the fun.

Future capabilities we plan to add:

  • Generic color sensors
Sensor Programming
Result Array
  V5 Vision Sensor
Vision Framerate 50 Frames per second
Color Signatures 7 independent colors
Color Codes 2 3 or 4 color signatures per color code
Image Size 640 x 400 pixels
Microcontroller Dual ARM Cortex M4 and M0
Connectivity V5 Smart Port
IQ Smart Port
USB Micro
Wireless 2.4 GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi Direct hotspot with built in webserver
Compatibility Any device with WiFi and a Browser
Weight 0.77lbs (350g)