Understanding V5 Vision Sensor Performance

Vision Sensor

The Vision Sensor provides a robot with new capabilities and allows for expanded learning. At its most basic mode, the sensor tells you where a colored object is located. The location's X value gives you the right and left position. When the camera is tilted down, the Y value gives you the distance to the object, with a little basic trigonometry on your part.

sample image
Sample image location, six colors

The Vision Sensor combines a dual ARM Cortex M4+M0 processor, color camera, WiFi, and USB into a single smart sensor. The sensor can be trained to locate objects by color. Every 200 milliseconds, the camera provides a list of the object found matching up to eight unique colors. The object’s height, width, and location is provided. Multi-colored objects can also be programmed, allowing color codes to provide new information to the robot. Color-codes can represent anything you want, including location, object type, street signs, movement instructions, robot identifiers, etc.

direct connection

The Vision Sensor has USB for a fast, direct connection to your computer. This allows you to view images and machine vision results simultaneously.

Wifi Symbol

The Vision Sensor also has WiFi Direct and acts like a web server. This allows you to wirelessly view “live” video from any computer equipped with a browser and WiFi.

vexiq logo

The Vision Sensor added so much to the capabilities of V5 robots, we also added a VEX IQ compatible port to share the fun.

Future capabilities we plan to add:

  • Generic color sensors
Sensor Programming
Result Array
  V5 Vision Sensor
Vision Framerate 50 Frames per second
Color Signatures 7 independent colors
Color Codes 2 3 or 4 color signatures per color code
Image Size 640 x 400 pixels
Microcontroller Dual ARM Cortex M4 and M0
Connectivity V5 Smart Port
IQ Smart Port
USB Micro
Wireless 2.4 GHz 802.11 Wi-Fi Direct hotspot with built in webserver
Compatibility Any device with WiFi and a Browser
Weight 0.77lbs (350g)

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