Using the V5 Robot Brain User Interface

V5 Robot Brain - User Interface

Simple touchscreen user interfaces are familiar to almost everyone, making V5 more approachable. The V5 Robot Brain features a 4.25” full color touch screen with 480 x 272 pixels.


User interface features include the following:

  • Select and run one of 8 user programs
  • Run built-in VEX programs
  • Accessing program wiring lists
  • Accessing program controls
  • Run practice matches
  • Change languages
  • Select themes and backlighting
  • Screen rotation, and much more...

user interface

Programmers can also make use of the touch screen with the ability to draw pixels, lines, rectangles and circles, along with line color, width, and fill control. Multi-sized, multilingual fonts in any color are built in. User programs draw fast and efficiently on dual buffered internal memory, and the FPGA handles screen refresh at an incredible 60 Hz.

Flexibility can be found in every aspect of the V5 Robot Brain:

  • Smart motors
  • Smart sensors
  • Analog sensors
  • Digital sensors
  • microSD Card expansion
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Device wiring lists
  • Controller maps
  • Automatic wiring check
  • Automatic device firmware updates

Device info and motor

Dashboards are one of the most notable V5 advancements. There is a built in dashboard for every connected sensor and device, from switches and potentiometers all the way up to motors and the battery. Dashboards provide an incredible teaching and diagnostic capability, allowing you to see in real time what the sensor is actually doing, and what the data for that action looks like.

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