The development of the V5 System began with a mantra: “Simple... Flexible... Powerful...

  • Simple... to make VEX EDR more approachable to novices
  • Flexible... to ensure your robot can do anything you want
  • Powerful... enough to take on future challenges

Based on the success of the VEX IQ control system, VEX set out to rethink the VEX EDR control system from the ground up. Our company used a revolutionary, as opposed to evolutionary, method which allowed us to rethink all previous decisions, without dealing with compatibility of the previous system.

We intended to develop a modern smartphone style interface, easy-to-visualize sensor data, and motors that were extremely consistent, regardless of battery voltage. For the best possible customer experience, we unanimously did not want LED blink patterns, circuit breakers tripping, or loose electrical connections.

Often we found the objectives of simple, flexible and powerful to be at odds with one another. It was only over a four year journey of struggle, innovation and hard work that we finally found the true achievement of our efforts: Intelligent Simplicity.

VEX Robotics has built robust wireless robot control systems since 2001. VEX employees have over 800 years of both competition and educational robotics experience. V5 is the culmination of all that our company has learned and everything that we wanted our customers to experience. We sincerely hope that you love it.


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