Color & Part Number Info for VEX IQ

Many VEX IQ elements now have the option to come in a different color. These colors will allow you to customize the look of your robot, and add your own personal style. The purpose of this page is to serve as a reference for these VEX IQ color Identifiers, and to clarify part number information.

The first three digits of all VEX product SKU's refer to their respective product line. In the case of VEX IQ, the first three digits of all parts will be 228. The next four digits represent the product's color identifier, which can be referenced in the chart below. The final three digits of the SKU serve as the unique product identifier. This part of the SKU will stay the same for each unique product regardless of color (for example, a 2x6 beam will still be a 2x6 beam), but the unique center SKU will change depending on the color.

Part Color Color Name Color SKU ID RGB
Dark_Grey Dark Grey 3616 84, 88, 90
2x12-Red Red 3445 210, 38, 48
2x12-Orange Orange 3446 255, 103, 31
2x12-Yellow Yellow 3449 255, 205, 0
2x12-Green Green 3450 0, 150, 57
2x12-Blue Blue 3196 0, 119, 200
2x12-Purple Purple 3448 95, 37, 159
2x12-Pink Pink 3451 229, 109, 177
2x12-White-2 White 3943 217, 217, 214
Wheel-Hub.jpg Medium Grey 3944 137, 141, 141
2x12-Black Jet Black 3201 37, 40, 42

VEX IQ Part Number Information

Every element in the VEX IQ system has a unique part number. Assembled items or complete kits use a 7-digit part number, while individual parts use a 10-digit (or possibly 11-digit) part number.

For example, the VEX IQ Super Kit is a complete kit, so it has a 7-digit part number of 228-3060. Similarly, the Robot Brain is a standalone assembled item, so it has its own part number: 228-2540.

However, the Dark Grey 2x6 beam (for example) has a 10-digit part number (228-3616-021) since it is never sold individually. This 10-digit number is broken up into three groups:

  • 228, the VEX product line identifier - all VEX IQ products begin with 228
  • 3616, the 4-digit color-identifying number* - see the table above for each color's specific number
  • 021, the unique ID for that specific element - this is what differentiates 2x6 beam from a 2x8 beam

Note: For cases where a color doesn't matter (such as CAD files), 2500 can be used as the 4-digit color identifier. For example, a colorless 2x6 Beam would be 228-2500-021.


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