Using the Electromagnet in VEXcode VR

This Electromagnet on the VEX VR Robot can be controlled to pick up and drop disks with metal cores.

What is an Electromagnet?


An electromagnet is a specific type of magnet where the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. The VEX VR Robot has an electromagnet to pick up and put down disks that contain metal cores.


The VEX VR Robot Electromagnet is located at the front of the robot pointing down towards the Playground currently in use.

How Electromagnets Work

VEXcode VR Blocks


VEXcode VR Python

def main():

On specific Playgrounds in VEXcode VR, there are disks with metal cores that can be used with the Electromagnet.

By setting the Electromagnet to 'boost,' the user is able to energize the magnet.


Any disks beneath the Electromagnet will be picked up by the VR Robot.

VEXcode VR Blocks


VEXcode VR Python 

def main():

By setting the Electromagnet to 'drop,' the user de-energizes the magnet.


Any disk currently being held by the VR Robot Electromagnet will be dropped.

Uses in VEXcode VR

VEXcode VR Blocks Disk Transport Playground
disk transport code.png disk mover playground.jpeg
VEXcode VR Python
def main():
drivetrain.drive_for(FORWARD, 700, MM)
drivetrain.turn_for(LEFT, 90, DEGREES)
drivetrain.drive_for(FORWARD, 300, MM)
wait(2, SECONDS)

The VEXcode VR Robot Electromagnet can be used on the Disk Transport Playground. Disks of varying colors lie within a walled area. The following example has the VR Robot drive forward into the Castle walls, turn left, then pick up and drop a blue disk.


For an extra challenge, attempt to stack disks on top of one another. While the Electromagnet can only hold one disk at a time, the user is able to stack disks two high and still travel over the stack.

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