1. Gather your relevant tax exempt identifying information. Depending on your state, this could mean a Tax ID Number (TIN/EIN) or exemption number.
        1. In some states, this may not be found on the tax exempt certificate. However, our system will not allow us to exempt you without a reference to your legal entity.
        2. A W-9 form will have your Tax ID number, but does not tell us whether or not your school or entity is exempt. Therefore, if submitting a W-9 form for Tax ID number, we will need both a certificate (or letter of exemption) in addition to your W-9 form.
      2. Send this information in an email to taxforms@vex.com
        1. If you have ordered from VEX before, please include any identifying information from that order, such as an order number, vexrobotics.com account email address, or billing/shipping address from that order. This step is important to make sure that we have linked the correct exemptions to the correct customers.
        2. If you have never ordered from VEX before, please include this note in your email.
      3. Our system takes ~48 hours to process once we confirm that the accounts have been linked. You will receive a notification from one of our customer service representatives when this happens, or if there have been any errors that we can assist with.

Note: Sales tax exemption must be granted prior to ordering. Any orders placed before your exemption is processed are not eligible for refund. You will need to claim this amount to your state or exemption entity.

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