Installing VEXcode V5 with MSI Installers


The following article will walk you through how to install VEXcode V5 with MSI installers.


MSI installers are created to assist IT Administrators with site-wide deployments. If you are not an IT Administrator, you should install the .EXE version to avoid issues found here.

For additional help installing the .EXE version of VEXcode V5, view this article.

Steps for Installation

  1. If you are using a remote deployment system such as SCCM you may need to install the Driver Signing Certificates before running the driver installer.
    1. Download these two certificate files:
      1. Certificate 1
      2. Certificate 2
      3. Certificate 3
    2. Certs can be installed with the following commands using Microsoft’s certutil command.
      certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" VEXroboticsCert23.cer
      certutil -addstore -f -v root VEXroboticsCert23.cer
      certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" RobomatterIncCert.cer
      certutil -addstore -f -v root RobomatterIncCert.cer
      certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" VEXRoboticsCertExp2026.cer
      certutil -addstore -f -v root VEXRoboticsCertExp2026.cer
  2. First, install the VS 2013 Redistributable.
  3. Next, install the VS 2017 Redistributable
  4. Then, download and install the MSI version of VEXcode V5 found here.

  5. Finally, once the VS 2013 Redistributable, the VS 2017 Redistributable, and VEXcode V5 are installed, run the following as an administrator with elevated permissions:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX Robotics\V5Drivers\Console Driver Installer.exe 

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