When working in VEXcode Pro V5, it is good practice for the user to regularly save the files being changed. Working in VEXcode Pro V5 includes multiple files as tabs from multiple subfolders. Systematically saving changes is the best way to ensure that no work is lost. 

Where projects are saved on the computer

When a new project is started or an example project is opened, the user is prompted to name the project. Using that name, the new project folder is then saved to the vexcode-projects folder inside of the user’s Documents folder.






The user can also change the location of the directory. 


Select Preferences from the File Menu.


Click the directory’s location next to the Program folder and choose the location where project folders should be saved.





Options for saving in VEXcode Pro V5





The File Menu includes three saving options.

  • Save - Saves the active file that the editor is currently showing to the folder for the open project.
  • Save All - Saves all files in the File Tree to the folder for the open project. 
  • Save As - Saves a copy of all of the files in the File Tree in their current states, including any unsaved changes within files, to a new project folder that the user will need to name. 


  • Save As does not save the open project. 
  • The user can then continue to work on the open project and save when needed to update the open project.
  • Save As will not update the previously “saved as” project to the current state of the open project. 
    • If the user wants to replace that saved project with the current version, they need to Save As again, use the same project name, and replace it.

How to know whether a file has been saved

Changes saved


Changes not saved


When a file has unsaved changes, there is a dot indicator on the tab after the file’s name.

The user can switch between files with unsaved changes within a project and they will not be prompted to save. The user should keep track of the indicators. 

If and when VEXcode Pro V5 will automatically save the project


VEXcode Pro V5 will automatically save the project whenever the user clicks to build it.

This is the default setting for VEXcode Pro V5. To disable the automatic saving feature after a build, access Preferences in the File Menu and un-select that option.

Note: Before a build is the only time VEXcode Pro V5 will automatically save a project.

When the user will be prompted to save the project


Whenever there are unsaved changes, VEXcode Pro V5 will prompt users to save their work if the user attempts to: 

  • Close the file tab
  • Close VEXcode Pro V5
  • Create a new project
  • Open an existing project or example project
  • Import or Export a project
  • Build a project (when the default “Save before build” feature is disabled)

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