Downloading and Running a Project in VEXcode Pro V5

When programming in VEXcode Pro V5, compiling a project gives the programmer a tool to help identify errors. Downloading and running a project enables the robot to receive the code written by the programmer.

How to Compile a Project

Compiling a project gives the programmer the ability to check errors without downloading a project to the V5 robot Brain.


Click on the Build icon to compile the project.


If there is an error in the project, viewing the "Problems()" tab at the bottom will help identify what those errors are as well as how to potentially fix them.

NOTE: The build icon will only appear when a V5 Robot Brain is not connected to the computer.

How to Download a Project


Select the slot that the project will be downloaded to on the V5 Robot Brain by clicking on the boxed 1 icon to open up all available project slots and select the desired slot.


Connect the V5 Robot Brain to the computer using a micro USB cable and power on the V5 Robot Brain.


Click on the Download icon next to the Device Info icon to download the project to the V5 Robot Brain.

NOTE: When the V5 Robot Brain is connected to the computer, the Build icon changes to the Download icon.

How to Run and Stop a Project


Click the Run icon to start the project that was downloaded to the V5 Robot Brain.

NOTE: This method for running the project only works if the robot is still plugged into the computer and is planned to remain stationary.


It is advised to run the project from the V5 Robot Brain while unplugged from the computer if the robot is supposed to drive.


Press the Stop icon to stop the project from running while the V5 Robot Brain is still plugged into the computer.

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