Using Help in VEXcode Pro V5

Help inside of VEXcode Pro V5 can provide users with an explanation of how to use a command in their project.

Opening the Help Window


Click on the Help icon to open the Help window. The Help icon is the question mark icon at the top right of VEXcode Pro V5.


An empty Help window will appear by default.

Getting Help for a Command


In order to see the help, right-click on the command. For example:;

In this example, Drivetrain is the Device name, drive is the Command name, and the information in the parenthesis are the Parameters.

Right-click on a command name in your project and select “Command Help” to learn more about how to use the command. Information about that command will appear in the Help window.


If multiple devices share the same command name, you will get a request to select the device you want help with. You can select a device by clicking on the name of the command from the list provided.


If no command help could be found, take a look at our “Advanced Help” tab. You can access “Advanced Help” by clicking on “Tools” on the top menu.


Then select “Open Advanced Help (In Browser)”.

Accessing the Command Reference


The Command Reference contains a list of commands available for each device configured inside of your project.

Closing the Help Window


Click the Help button in the toolbar again to close the Help window.

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