Using the V5 Crimping Tool

The V5 Crimping tool can be used to create your own, customized V5 Smart Cables.

This article will cover the following:

  • How to Crimp
  • Common Mistakes

Materials needed:

  • V5 Smart Cable Crimp Tool (276-5773)
  • V5 Smart Cable Stock (276-5774)
  • V5 Smart Cable Connectors (276-5775)

How to Crimp
Step 1: Cut the Cable


  • Place the cable into the cutter section of the tool.
  • Squeeze the crimping tool firmly to cut the cable.


Step 2: Strip the Cable


  • Place the cable into the stripper section of the tool.
    • The cable should be pushed against the stopper. If the cable is pressed beyond the stopper too much of the black casing will be removed.
  • With the tool still squeezed, pull the cable from the crimper. This will expose the colored wires.
  • Repeat this process for both sides of the cable.

Note: Keep in mind that you do not want to strip too much of the black casing


Step 3: Insert Connectors


  • Ensure that the cables are evenly cut before inserting the connectors on each side of the cable.
  • Check to make sure that the connectors are properly oriented. They should be facing in the opposite direction.
  • In order to ensure a proper connection, push the cable in so that wires touch the end of the connector.
Step 4: Crimp the Connector


  • Insert the connector into the tool by lining up the tabs.
  • Place the handles of the tool down firmly.
    • This step is extremely important! If the crimper tool is not fully pressed down, the connector pins will extrude outward. This can cause damage to V5 ports and/or cause ports to fail when the cable is inserted. 
  • Double check for proper orientation of the connectors and repeat this process for the other side of the cable.

Note: The Crimping tool must be fully pressed down. If this step is improperly completed, the connector can cause damage to the V5 Ports.

Common Mistakes
Mistake 1: Improperly Cut Wires

Make sure that all colored wires are flush and equally cut.



Mistake 2: Protective Jacket Not Fully Inserted Into Clear Connector

Make sure that the black casing is inserted into the clear connector. The colored wires should not be exposed.



Mistake 3: Connector Pins Not Fully Crimped

Make sure that the tool is firmly pressed all the way down when crimping the connector. If done incorrectly, damage can occur to V5 ports.