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We recommend you transition to our new software. VEXcode has both block-based and text-based options, that work on Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, Windows and Macs. Visit for more details on how to download VEXcode.
VEX Coding studio has been discontinued and is no longer available for download. Already downloaded? The program will continue to function but will no longer be supported.
Users who transition to VEXcode can migrate their C++/C++ Pro projects to VEXcode Pro V5 by following this article.

Step 1: View the error indicators in the editor

  • Notice that if VEX Coding Studio cannot turn your code into a working robot program, a "Compiliation Failed" message will be displayed.
  • Remember, additional indicators may appear depending on which language you are using.
    • In Modkit Block, blocks with errors will turn red.
    • In VEX C++ and C++ Pro, a red circle containing an "x" will be shown next to the line of code with an error.

NOTE: These indicators on their own may be sufficient for you to determine the cause of error. If so, skip ahead to Step 4.

Step 2: Open the Console drawer to see the error message details

  • Double-click the button at the bottom of the window to open the Console drawer.
  • Alternatively, drag the gray Console drawer slider up to slide the Console drawer window open.

Step 3: Pay attention to the error location arrow

  • Scroll through the Console text area until the red error message is clearly in view.
    • If you have more than one error, start from the topmost.
  • Check the arrow that points to a specific part of the code to pinpoint the cause of error.

Step 4: Update your code, then retry downloading your program

  • Retry downloading your program after making your changes.

NOTE: If you have corrected all errors, a "Download complete" message will be displayed. You may wish to clear the Console text and/or close the Console drawer window before continuing.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus