Find Project Files on an Android Tablet - Troubleshoot - VEXcode IQ Blocks

VEXcode IQ Blocks projects are stored on your Android Tablet’s file system. To find these files to delete or transfer to another device, you will need to use your tablet’s file manager to complete these actions. 

The example shown below may look different compared to the tablet you are using. Each file manager app is different depending on the tablet, so you will need to locate the VEXcode IQ Blocks saved files folder on your device:

  1. Open a file manager application on your tablet. 
  2. Find the local storage area - it may be called “Internal storage”.
  3. Locate and open the VEXcode folder.
  4. Locate and open the VEXcodeBlocks IQ storage folder.

From here, you can manage your VEXcode IQ Blocks projects just as you would any other file on your Android tablet.