Save a Project on iPad - Get Started - VEXcode IQ Blocks

You can save your project in VEXcode IQ Blocks in different ways:

  • Selecting Save in the File menu
  • Downloading a new project
  • Naming a new project

Choose one of the ways above to name a new project and then select "Create Document" on the next screen.

Note: If your iPad first goes to the Recents screen, select Browse to find the screen above. 

If your your iPad first goes to the main iCloud Drive folder, select the VEXcode IQ Blocks folder to Create Document and save your project inside of it. 

Use the keypad to name your new project.

Select "OK" after naming the project.

After a project is saved, VEXcode IQ Blocks will automatically save all changes in a project.

Saving a Copy

You can also use the "Save As" option from the File menu to make a copy of a project under a different name or in a different location.