Installing ROBOTC

Step 1: Log in to your registered VEX account.

  • Go to VEX’s customer account login page

NOTE: Either register a VEX account or sign into your existing account.

Step 2: Find ROBOTC for VEX Robotics among the Software Downloads.

  • Click on ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.x to begin the download.

NOTE: ROBOTC is an application only for Windows computers.

Step 3: Locate and run the Installer if downloaded.

  • Skip to Step 4 if running the installer. If the installer was downloaded, continue here. 
  • Locate the ROBOTCforVEX installation file in the Downloads folder or in the alternative location where the file was saved.
  • Double click to start the installation.

NOTE: Permissions might be required to initiate installation. 

Step 4: Click Next in the Setup Wizard.

  • Click the “Next” button when the Setup Wizard window pops up.

Step 5: Accept the License Agreement.

  • Click to accept the terms.
  • Click Next to continue.

Step 6: Select a destination.

  • Change where the file will be saved to the preferred destination folder and click Next.

NOTE: ROBOTC will install in the Program Files folder of the C drive by default.

Step 7: Choose the type of setup.

  • Select the Complete setup and click Next.

NOTE: Advanced users can choose a Custom setup.

Step 8: Install ROBOTC.

  • Click Install to begin the installation process.

Step 9: Allow the installer to complete the installation.

NOTE: Several windows, including black command prompt windows, will pop up during the installation process. 

Step 10: Accept installation of VEX Robotics Ports.

  • Click Install on any prompts that ask to confirm the installation of VEX Robotics Ports.

Step 11:  Allow installation of new device software.

  • Click Install to allow VEX Robotics Inc. to install device software.

Step 12: Finish installation.

  • Click Finish to close the InstallShield Wizard.

Step 13: Check that ROBOTC successfully installed.

NOTE: ROBOTC should be included within the list of programs available and two shortcut icons should be visible on the desktop. One shortcut is for Graphical ROBOTC which is a block-based programming language whereas the other shortcut is for the text-based ROBOTC programming language.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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