Attaching a VEX Vision Sensor to the Clawbot IQ

The VEX Vision Sensor can be attached to the Clawbot IQ build. The assembly explained in this article will be added to an already built Clawbot.

The Clawbot IQ

The Vision Sensor attachment shown in this article will be used with an already assembled Clawbot IQ. If you have not done so already, please follow the build instructions here to build the Clawbot IQ from any VEX IQ Super Kit.


The Parts Needed

The parts need to attach the Vision Sensor include the following from the VEX IQ Super Kit. A more detailed explanation of these parts can be found on the IQ Super Kit Contents Poster.

  • 2 - 2x6 Beams
  • 2 - 30 Degree Angle Beams
  • 1 - Double 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector
  • 9 - 1x1 Connector Pins
  • 2 - 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connectors
  • 1 - Vision Sensor

The Attached Assembly

Once all of the parts are gathered, follow the build instructions in this provided PDF file.

The first few steps will guide you through building the following assembly: 


Then you will be guided through adding the assembly to the VEX Clawbot IQ and wiring the Vision Sensor to the brain. 

The Completed Clawbot IQ Build with the Vision Sensor


The complete build should look as follows:


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