Calibrating the Controller - IQ (1st gen)

Step 1: Tether the Controller.

Connect one end of the Tether Cable to the powered-off VEX IQ Robot Brain with a charged VEX IQ Robot Battery and the other end to the Controller.

Listen for the “click” when the Tether Cable is inserted into the Controller and Brain to confirm that the Tether Cable is attached securely. 

Step 2: Turn on the Brain.

Verify that the Controller is connected by noticing the connected icon on the top right of the screen next to the battery life icon.

Step 3: Go to Settings: Calibrate Controller.

Press the X button to navigate to the Settings screen.

Press the down arrow to the Calibrate Controller option and select it by pressing the Check button.

Step 4: Move the Joysticks.

Move both joysticks in a full circle. When finished, press any button on the Brain or the Controller. 

Step 5: Verify and save the Calibration.

Press the Check button to save the calibration or press the X button to cancel and return to the Settings menu.

NOTE: When the Check button is pressed to save the calibration, the Brain will make a cheer sound.

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