Understanding Download Errors in VEXcode IQ

There are four potential error messages a user might see when downloading a project to a VEX IQ (1st generation) or (2nd generation) Brain.

Please skip to the section of this article with the error message that you are seeing.

Your program failed to download

You are seeing the error message above because the Brain lost its connection during the download process.

Check these possible reasons before trying again: 

Unable to access Cloud Compiler servers

This error will be shown when VEXcode IQ cannot connect to the remote Cloud Compiler server while working on ChromeOS, iOS, and Android.

You can visit http://status.vexcode.cloud to see if the Cloud Compilers are currently running as well.

Compiler process has timed out

This error is shown when there is no response from the Cloud Compiler server. It could be that the server is having a load issue. Please wait a minute and try again.

Error compiling your program

You are seeing the error message above because an unexpected error occurred. The “Show Details” area will give technical debugging information that can be used to troubleshoot your issue.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Click "Show Details" in the error message window. 
  2. Highlight and copy all of the details shown

  3. Click the Feedback button at the top right side of the screen in VEXcode IQ and paste the details into the ticket where it says, “Your message…” 
  4. Make sure that you click to include your diagnostic and usage data. Type in your email address in case the development team may need to reach out for more information, then click "Send." 

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