Deleting a Block in VEXcode V5

Blocks in VEXcode V5 can be deleted in a number of ways.

Drag to Delete


Select a block or a stack of blocks in the Workspace and drag them left to the Toolbox to delete from your project.

Delete a Single Block from a Stack


To remove a single block from a stack, context-select (right click or long press) a block in a stack and then choose 'Delete Block' from the context menu. This will also delete any nested blocks if a block with parameters is chosen to be deleted.

Delete All Blocks


To remove all of the blocks in the Workspace, context-select (right click or long press) the background of the Workspace and choose 'Delete X Blocks.'


When choosing to delete all of the blocks in the Workspace, you will be asked to confirm deleting all blocks to prevent accidental deletion. A prompt will NOT appear when nested blocks are selected to be deleted.

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