Creating a New Project in VEXcode V5

A new Blocks project opens any time you start VEXcode V5. But, you can also open a new Blocks or Text project after VEXcode V5 has already started.

Note: when starting a new project, a prompt will appear asking you to save if the current project has not been saved yet.

Open a Template


Templates have a special icon and are used to create a blank project with a preset device configuration.


Open the File menu and select ‘Open Examples’ to open a template project.


If using a standard robot build, like the Clawbot, a Template can be used to quickly get started with a new project.

Open a Blank Project


Open the File menu and select ‘New Blocks Project’ to open a new Blocks project.


To open a new Text project, open the File menu, and select ‘New Text Project.’

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