Using the V5 4 Post Hex Nut Retainer

The 4-Post Hex Nut Retainer provides five points of contact for creating a connection between two structural metal components using one screw and nut. Each corner of the square retainer contains a post which is sized and shaped to securely fit into a square hole pattern of many structural metal components. The center of the retainer is sized and slotted to securely fit a hex nut, allowing a #8-32 screw to be securely tightened without the need of a wrench to hold the nut.

How to assemble the retainer:

  1. Insert a #8-32 Hex Nut into the center slot of the 4-post Hex Nut Retainer. 
  2. Align the retainer on a structural metal component such that the center hole is in the desired location, and each of the corners are backed by the structural metal. 
  3. Insert the square posts extruding from the retainer through the square holes of the structural metal component and the metal piece which is being attached. 
  4. Attach the retainer by inserting a #8-32 X 3/8" Screw through the square holes in both pieces of metal which aligns with the threads of the hex nut in the retainer.
    Spin the screw to the right in order to thread it into the nut. 
  5. Depending on the type of head on the screw, tighten the #8-32 screw with either a hex key or a star key.

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