Running Arcade Drive with the V5 Controller

Step 1: Power on your V5 Controller

  • Press the square Power Button in the center of the controller to turn it on. 

Step 2: Set up Driver Control

  • Use the Arrow buttons to highlight the Driver Control program's icon (highlighted in the image).  
  • Then press the A button to choose Drive. 
  • Press the A button again to choose Run.
  • Press the B button to return to the previous menu, if needed.   

Step 3:  Use the Joysticks to Operate the Drive Train

  • The joysticks will operate the drive train motors in arcade control.
  • Tilting the joysticks forward will move the V5 Robot forward.
  • Tilting the joysticks backward will move the V5 Robot backward.
  • Tilting the joysticks to the left or right will cause the V5 Robot to make a point turn in the chosen direction.