Connecting Devices to Smart Ports - IQ Brain

Review Smart Ports

Review Smart Ports

  • Locate the 12 Smart Ports that are numbered along the top and bottom sides of the VEX IQ Robot Brain. They are designed for all VEX IQ electronic accessories, including Smart Motors and Sensors.

NOTE: All Smart Ports function the exact same way, so any accessory can be plugged into any Smart Port.

Connect a Smart Device

Smart Device

  • Connect a Smart Motor to any Smart Port on the Brain using a Smart Cable.
  • Press each side of the Smart Cable firmly into the socket on the Smart Motor and Brain until a click of the lock snapping into place is heard.

NOTE: Smart Cables are removed from any device by pressing down on the release tab, then gently pulling out. Connecting a Smart Motor is shown, but all Smart Devices are connected using this same process.

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