Clawbot Battery - Migrate to V5

Step 1: Gather needed parts and remove the EDR Battery 

  • You will need the following items: 
    • (1) V5  Robot Battery (not shown)
    • (1) V5 Robot Battery Cable (not shown)
    • (2) V5 Battery Clips (not shown)
    • (4) #8-32 x 1/2" Screws
    • (4) #8-32 Keps Nuts
    • (1) 11/32" Wrench
    • (1) 3-32" Hex Key 
    • A built VEX EDR Clawbot (not shown)
  • When you want to wire the battery, you will also need the V5 Robot Brain mounted to your robot.
  • Use the wrench and hex key to remove the VEX EDR Battery Straps and the 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH from your robot before continuing.

Step 2: Mount the V5 Battery Clips

  • Mount the two V5 Battery Clips on the bottom of the inner wall structure for the Clawbot arm. 

Step 3: Secure the V5 Robot Battery into the clips

  • Press the battery into the clips until you hear and feel it click into place.

Step 4: Connect the V5 Robot Battery

  • Wire the battery to the V5 Robot Brain using the battery cable. 
  • For more detailed instructions on mounting and wiring the battery, see the V5 Clawbot Build Instructions.