Connecting a 3-Wire Device to the V5 Brain

Step 1: Gather the required components

  • You will need the following items:
    • a V5 Robot Brain
    • a 3-Wire device

Step 2: Locate the 3-Wire Ports

  • The 3-Wire Ports are located on the side of the V5 Brain opposite the side with the battery connection.
  • The V5 brain has a total of eight 3-Wire ports, labeled A-H, which can all be used as inputs or outputs that can be used with VEX EDR  3-wire legacy sensors and motor controllers.

Step 3: Connect the 3-Wire device.

  • Insert the 3-Wire cable(s) into the desired port(s). The ports are keyed so you can only plug the cable in one way.
  • If you are using 3-Wire extensions, make sure the black wires are always connected to prevent connecting the device incorrectly.