Introduction - Get Started

VEXcode V5 Text is a text-based programming language based on the standard C++ programming language. Using VEXcode V5 Text to code your V5 robot is an engaging way of understanding some fundamental programming concepts.

Whether students have experience with VEXcode V5 Block or are starting with VEXcode V5 Text, it is important to have an understanding of the basics of text programming.

How a V5 Robot Receives and Uses the VEXcode V5 Text Instructions


  • In VEXcode V5 Text, users create instructions which will be sent to the robot to control it. These instructions are written in C++ text. Those instructions are processed by the C++ compiler, a tool which is used to convert programming text into machine code. Machine code is the numerical language that is loaded onto the robot brain, where it is then executed. 
  • If the compiler cannot process the instructions, the programmer receives an error message. If the compiler successfully converts the program, the program will then be ready to run. 
  • Many programs use input from sensors to determine what action, or output, it will perform. 

For more information on compiling a program, please refer to the following article:

How to Compile/Download/Run a Project - VEXcode V5 Text