Importing .vex Files and VEXcode Projects in VEXcode Pro V5

Note: Only C++ and C++ Pro .vex files can be imported. Modkit .vex files will not import.

Step 1: Launch VEXcode Pro V5


  • Launch VEXcode Pro V5 using the desktop shortcut.

Step 2: Click the Import Button

  • From the File dropdown menu, click on the "Import..." button.

Step 3: Select a File

  • Select the appropriate .vex file or zipped VEXcode Pro V5 project folder to import, and click open.
  • Both Windows and macOS platforms are shown above for selecting a file.

Step 4: Name the File

  • Rename the project. By default, the name field will be set to "MyProject1." Once the project has been named, Click the Import button.

Note that imported projects will not be able to use the new Robot Configuration and Simplified Autocomplete features.