Troubleshooting Cloud Compiler Issues in VEXcode V5

When a V5 user receives the error message “Compiler process has timed out. Please try again.” or “Unable to access the compiler server. Please try again”, this article can help troubleshoot these two errors inside of VEXcode V5, so any issues with not connecting to the Cloud Compiler can be avoided, and users will have no problem running their projects.

The VEXcode Cloud Compiler is only used on VEXcode V5 running on Chromebook (ChromeOS) and iOS/iPadOS/Android. VEXcode V5 running on Windows or macOS uses a local compiler and does not require internet connectivity.

Checking Internet Connectivity

VEXcode V5 uses the following URLs to check if internet connectivity is available as a first step. If your device is reporting that there is no connection to the internet, but you are able to navigate to other sites, ensure that the following URLs are not blocked by your network:

Checking Cloud Compiler Connectivity

First, check to see if the VEXcode Cloud Compiler services are up and running. You can visit to discover if there is a service interruption to the Cloud Compiler service for all users.

If the VEXcode Cloud Compiler services are reporting as up and running, your network may be blocking access to the VEXcode Cloud Compiler. You can download the VEXcode Cloud Compiler Status Utility to assist in troubleshooting your network’s connectivity to the Cloud Compiler services.

Using the VEXcode Cloud Compiler Status Utility

Network Connection 

The Network Connection indicator will display the device’s current Internet connectivity. All other connection status indicators will report “Not Connected” if there is no Internet connectivity.

IQ & V5

The IQ and V5 rows will display the status for the two VEXcode Cloud Compiler services - one for each version of VEXcode.

Compiler Service: These indicators show if the VEXcode Compiler Services are currently up and running for all users. This information is pulled from the website.

Network Connection to Compiler: These indicators will indicate if the current network can access to the VEXcode Cloud Compiler services. This test simulates compiling a VEXcode project on the Cloud Compiler via an Amazon Web Services WebSocket service. This test will report “Not Connected” if the compiler is not accessible from the current network. Network Administrators will need to ensure that ChromeOS and iOS/iPadOS devices using VEXcode V5 can connect to the following servers to ensure users can compile their projects:

V5 Cloud Compiler Service
Port: 5636
Protocol: TCP

Refresh Button

The refresh button can be used to run the compiler test again to help validate if the network can connect to the VEXcode Cloud Compiler services. Note that the “Last Time Checked” field is the last time the was updated, not the last time the local utility was refreshed.

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