Getting Started with VEX IQ

For a complete list of all of the parts within the VEX IQ Super Kit, click this link and review the Kit Contents listed toward the bottom of the page.

This article will guide you through the process of getting your VEX IQ Kit or your VEX IQ Robot setup and then downloading and running a project with VEXcode IQ. 

In order to download VEXcode Projects, you will need to:

Prepare a Charged VEX IQ Robot Battery to Power the VEX IQ Brain

  • In order to use your robot, you will need to have a battery charged and ready. Find the VEX IQ Robot Battery, the VEX IQ Robot Battery Charger, and the VEX IQ Battery Charger Power Cord. All three are shown above. 
  • Follow the steps in this article to charge the battery. 
    • For more information about how to read the VEX IQ Robot Battery Charger's indicator lights, read this article.  
    • For tips for extending the life of the battery, read this article.
  • Follow the steps in this article to install the battery to the VEX IQ Brain. 
  • To test that the VEX IQ Robot Battery has been properly charged and connected to the VEX IQ Brain, follow the steps in this article for turning on the VEX IQ Robot Brain.

Have the USB Cable Ready for Downloading VEXcode Projects

Update Firmware

  1. Download VEXos Utility to your Windows or Mac computer (ChromeOS not yet supported)
  2. Update your firmware

Download VEXcode IQ and Run a Project

VEXcode IQ is the perfect platform for those new to coding. Students use the simple drag and drop interface to create functioning programs. Each block's purpose can easily be identified using the visual cues like its shape, color, and label. We’ve designed VEXcode to allow those who are new to robotics to get their robot up and running faster.

Read the article below for instructions on how to download and run a VEXcode IQ project.

Pre-Downloading a Project Checklist

Here is a list of tasks you should perform prior to downloading a VEXcode project to ensure that you have everything is ready before using your VEX IQ Brain.

Before downloading a VEXcode project to the VEX IQ Brain, check each of the following:

  • Are all the motors and sensors plugged into the correct port?
  • Are the smart cables fully inserted into all of the motors and sensors?
  • Is the Brain turned on?
  • Is the battery charged?

VEXcode IQ has example projects and templates that you can use. In the following tutorial video see how you can use example projects and templates in VEXcode IQ.

  • If you have a VEX IQ Clawbot built, open the "Forward (mm)" example project and download the project to the VEX IQ Brain.
    Forward (mm)
  • If you do not have a robot built open the Playing Notes example project and download the project to the VEX IQ Brain.
    Sound Example Project