Running User Programs with the V5 Brain

Step 1: Make sure that the V5 Robot Brain is on.

  • Have your V5 Robot Battery charged and connected to the V5 Robot Brain so that you can power it on.

Step 2: Tap the User folder icon on the Home screen.

  • Tap on the User folder icon to open the folder and display the user's available programs. 

NOTE: The User folder is labeled as Programs on some Home screens. 

Step 3: Tap on the program in the User Folder that you want to run.

  • Tap on the program within the User Folder that you want to use.
  • In this example, we have selected the Greetings program within the User Folder.

Step 4: Watch the Greetings program display on the LCD screen.

  • The Greetings program used in this example has text display on the V5 Robot Brain's LCD screen.
  • If you run a User Program that displays onto the LCD screen, you will see a similar display.
  • If you run a User Program that does not display onto the LCD screen, see the example below.

Step 4 (alternative): Control the program from the screen.

  • You can tap Stop to stop the program, monitor the running time, or tap the Devices icon to see the connected ports and readings. 
  • The image above is of the screen while running the Drive program. 
    • All programs that do not display text or images onto the LCD screen will show this screen instead.
  • To stop and exit the Program screen shown above, press the Power (or Back) button on the brain.