Running User Programs with the V5 Brain

Make sure that the V5 Robot Brain is on.

Have your V5 Robot Battery charged and connected to the V5 Robot Brain so that you can power it on.

Tap the User folder icon on the Home screen.

Tap on the User folder icon to open the folder and display the user's available programs.

NOTE: The User folder is labeled as Programs on some Home screens. 

Tap on the program in the User Folder that you want to run.

Tap on the program within the User Folder that you want to use.

In this example, we have selected the Greetings program within the User Folder.

Watch the Greetings program display on the LCD screen.

The Greetings program used in this example has text display on the V5 Robot Brain's LCD screen.

If you run a User Program that displays onto the LCD screen, you will see a similar display.

If you run a User Program that does not display onto the LCD screen, see the example below.

ALTERNATIVE: Control the program from the screen.

You can tap Stop to stop the program, monitor the running time, or tap the Devices icon to see the connected ports and readings.

The image above is of the screen while running the Drive program.

  • All programs that do not display text or images onto the LCD screen will show this screen instead.

To stop and exit the Program screen shown above, press the Power (or Back) button on the brain.

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