Mounting and Wiring the V5 Battery

Collect all needed parts

You will need:

  • (1) V5 Robot Battery (not shown)
  • (1) V5 Robot Battery Cable (not shown)
  • (2) V5 Battery Clips
  • (4) #8-32 x 1/2" Screws
  • (4) #8-32 Keps Nuts
  • (1) 3-32" Hex Key 

When you want to wire the battery, you will also need the V5 Robot Brain mounted to your robot. >

Mount the V5 Battery Clips

Mount the two V5 Battery Clips underneath the back part of the base of your robot.

Secure the V5 Battery into the clips

Press the battery into the clips until you hear and feel it click into place.

Connect the V5 Robot Battery

Wire the battery to the V5 Robot Brain using the battery cable. 

Be sure to insert the battery cable's connectors correctly so they click into place.

For more detailed instructions on mounting and wiring the battery, see the V5 Clawbot Build Instructions.

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