Running User Programs with the V5 Controller

Step 1: Make sure that your V5 Controller is on and linked to the V5 Robot

  • The V5 Controller should be powered on and connected to the V5 Robot.
  • For help in connecting the robot to the controller, go to this page about pairing a V5 Controller to the V5 Robot Brain.

Step 2: Move the highlight over the Programs icon and press the A button

  • Use the arrow buttons on the V5 Controller to move the dark highlight over the Programs icon. 
  • Then press either the down-arrow button or the A button to select Programs.

Step 3: Choose the saved program

  • Use the arrow buttons to move the dark highlight over the icon of the intended program. 

Step 4: Run the program

  • Press the A button to select Run. 

Step 5: Use the program's running screen

  • Use this screen while the program is running to monitor the program's runtime and the battery's charge.

NOTE: To stop the program, hold the controller's Power button until it returns to the Home screen.