Running User Programs with the V5 Controller

Make sure that your V5 Controller is on and linked to the V5 Robot

The V5 Controller should be powered on and connected to the V5 Robot.

For help in connecting the robot to the controller, go to this page about pairing a V5 Controller to the V5 Robot Brain.

Move the highlight over the Programs icon and press the A button

Use the arrow buttons on the V5 Controller to move the dark highlight over the Programs icon.

Then press either the down-arrow button or the A button to select Programs.

Choose the saved program

Use the arrow buttons to move the dark highlight over the icon of the intended program.

Run the program

Press the A button to select Run.

Use the program's running screen

Use this screen while the program is running to monitor the program's runtime and the battery's charge.

NOTE: To stop the program, hold the controller's Power button until it returns to the Home screen.

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