Identifying VEX IQ (1st gen) Radios

Notice whether the color of the Radio is blue, black, or gray.

NOTE: The Radio in the VEX IQ Robot Brain and the VEX IQ Controller need to be of the same type (i.e., color) in order to work wirelessly. See further articles on how to install/remove a VEX IQ Controller Radio and a VEX IQ Robot Brain Radio.

If it is blue, it is a VEX IQ Smart Radio:

  • The Smart Radio can be used in place of the existing 900MHz and 2.4 GHz wireless radios.
  • The Smart Radio supports multiple connections including the Brain, Controller, and a tablet.
  • The Smart Radio enables wireless communication with smartphones, tablets, and computers using Bluetooth 4.0+ connections. This allows for wireless programming of robots, interaction with robots using smartphones or tablets running Bluetooth 4.0+ or higher.

If it is black (2.4 GHz Radio) or gray (900 MHz Radio), they are previous versions of the Radio that have since been discontinued.

NOTE: Black and gray pairs of Radios can continue to be used but if one is lost or damaged, two blue Smart Radios should be purchased as replacements.

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