Installing the VEX IQ Controller Battery

Step 1: Gather what you will need.

  • Have the following ready to install the Controller Battery:
    • VEX IQ Controller
    • VEX IQ Controller Battery
    • Phillips screwdriver

Step 2: Open the Controller Battery door.

  • Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw and remove the battery door.

Step 3: Place the Battery inside of the Controller.

  • Keep the printed side of the Controller Battery face up and align the negative (-) and positive (+) markers with the markers inside of the Controller.
  • Slide the battery into the Controller while keeping it below the plastic tab on the right near the positive and negative markers.

NOTE: If you want to install the Controller’s VEX IQ Radio, you might insert it now before putting the battery door back on. 

Step 4: Replace the Controller Battery door.

  • Replace the battery door and screw it back into place.