Using the Default Sensors Program on the VEX IQ (1st gen) Brain

The Sensors Program is a default program built into the VEX IQ Robot Brain so it can be used with Sensors and the VEX IQ Controller without programming. The Driver Control program contains sample behaviors for all advanced sensors. The Sensors Program works much like the Driver Control Program but in this program, the Controller’s commands are also influenced by the sensor readings. 

Sensor   Behavior
Touch LED Tap the top dome of the Touch LED to change between
enabled (glowing green) and disabled (glowing red) modes.
Color Sensor When the Color Sensor sees a red or green object, it will
be disabled or enabled, respectively.
Gyro Sensor When you stop driving, the robot will automatically turn back
to its original direction (i.e., heading).
Distance Sensor When the Distance Sensor detects an object that is too
close to the robot, it will stop the robot from colliding with that object.

Smart Port Number Sensor Type
1 No sensor
2 Touch LED
3 Color Sensor
4 No Sensor
5 Gyro Sensor
6 No Sensor
7 Distance Sensor
8 No Sensor
9 Touch LED
10 No Sensor
11 No Sensor
12 No Sensor

NOTE: First, the Sensors program will check for Smart Motors and Bumper Switches configured in the Smart Ports listed for the Driver Control program. If the program does not find Smart Motors or Bumper Switches, it will check for the devices listed in the table.

  • Check that Smart Ports 1-12 have the correct types of devices listed in the table above.
  • Check that the Controller is wirelessly connected.

NOTE: To review how to connect devices to Smart Ports properly, click here. To review how to pair the VEX IQ Controller and Brain, click here.

After powering on the Brain, highlight and press the Check button to select Demos.

Highlight and press the Check button to start the Sensors program.

Use the Controller to move the robot.

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