Updating IQ Brain Firmware

Sometimes the VEX IQ Robot Brain displays a message that a firmware update is needed for a device.

Before getting started, have the VEXos Utility already downloaded to your Windows or Mac computer. 

Step 1: Connect the device to the Brain, and the Brain to the computer. 

  • Make sure the device is properly plugged into the Brain and that the Brain is turned on.
  • Connect the Micro USB side to the Brain and the USB side to the computer.

Step 2: Update with the VEXos Utility.

  • Open the VEXos Utility.

NOTE: The parts that need to be updated are highlighted in yellow.

  • Click the “Install” button in the VEXos Utility and do not disconnect any cables or close the utility until the update is complete.

NOTE: The Brain might reboot during the update process. Only turn the brain back on if prompted to do so.

  • Listen and watch for a cheering sound and the message “All connected VEX products are up to date.” Then the firmware update is complete and you can disconnect the Brain from the computer.

NOTE: Up-to-date devices are now highlighted in green.