Smart Motors - Troubleshooting Electronics - VEX IQ

The following list provides scenarios for troubleshooting a Smart Motor:

The Smart Motor turns when it should not turn or the Smart Motor turns in the wrong direction.

  • Start by pairing the VEX IQ Robot Brain with the VEX IQ Controller and running the Driver Control program.
  • Click here to review the proper configuration included in “How to Use the Driver Control Program” and check that the Smart Motor is wired to the correct Smart Port.
  • If the Smart Motor turns when the Controller is not being pressed, try calibrating the Controller.
  • If the Smart Motor turns in the wrong direction, check whether the configuration of the Smart Motor should or should not be Reversed.  
  • If running a user program, check the program for possible errors that might cause the Smart Motor to move incorrectly.

The Smart Motor does not move at all.

  • Check that the Smart Cables’ connectors are fully seated (inserted) by pressing until an audible click is heard.
  • Try replacing the Smart Cables with new ones.

The Smart Motor is properly connected but now there is an error message.