Reset Password - VEX Account

If you forget your VEX Account password, you can reset it following a few easy steps. 

On the login page at, select “Forgot Your Password”

Submit your email to receive the Password Reset Link.

After entering the email associated with your VEX account, click the “Send Password Link” button.

The link that will be sent will expire after 60 minutes. 

You will get a confirmation that the link has been emailed to you. If you do not get this notification, check the email you used and try again.

Retrieve the Password Reset Link.

Go to your email home page and login.

The password reset email will be from If the email is not in your inbox, check other folders. If a spam filter moved the email, it might be in your junk or spam folder.
If you did not receive an email, go back to Step 2 and resubmit your email. 

Open the email from VEX and click the “Reset Password” button in the email.

If the "Reset Password" button does not work, copy and paste the URL in the email into the web browser.

Reset your password.

Remember your password must be at least 8 characters long.

Click the “Reset Password”  button.

Save your updated information.

You will be sent to your profile page.  Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the profile page.

Your profile page will show that it has been updated.

Login and start your VEX experience!

Once the account is reset, close the window.

Return to the VEX page you wanted to log into and sign in to your VEX account. This will automatically login if your account is already registered.

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